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Next-generation paper coating binders are known for providing total optimized binding of paper, enhancement in the quality with a visible impact on the viscosity, and the paper’s capability of water retention.

Increasing Research and Development Activities in the Market Expected to Remain Major Market Drivers

One of the most prominent factors that influence the paper coating binders market is the increasing research and development that is takes place in the market. A new research study reveals new developments that would benefit the paper coating binders market participants in improving their product offerings. In the study, scientists revealed the new hybrid latex paper coating binders that are surfactant-free. The use of renewable resources such as starch for the production of environmentally-friendly hybrid latex have been focal point in industrial application.

Moreover, the research and development is also fostering the innovation of new synthetic technology that could impact the paper coating binders market. The new FennoBindtechnology innovations are expected to take paper coating to new level of enhancement which could bring new avenues for the paper coating binders market players. This technology delivers gloss and greater strength.

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Manufacturers to Harness the Potential of Key Regions while Initiating New Strategies to Grab a Larger Slice of the Market

The prominent regions are seen offering major opportunities to the manufacturers of paper coating binders as they are determined to leverage the benefits offered by regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. For instance, Trinseo SA, a player in the paper coating binders market announced the rise in the price for all its latex products offering that are sold in the board, textile, paper, construction, and adhesives markets in the regions including Europe and Middle East and Africa. This price rise demonstrates the increasing business of the paper coating binders in these regions. Moreover, BASF’s low odor paper coating binders produced in the Finland site, marked its expansion in the Nordic market, thereby showcasing the potential of the European market.

Asia Pacific region has seen several developments in terms of investments and partnership deals, thereby increasing the prospects for the paper coating binders market participants. For instance, BASF, recognized as one of the leading players in the market has secured two chemical deals in a span of four months, which indicates the exceeding offerings in the country.

Increasing Strategic Developments to Bring New Avenues for Paper Coating Binders Market Players

The paper coating binders market players are focused on bringing new transformation in their business and product offerings to gain greater competitive advantage over the other leading market players. The key market players in the paper coating binders market include BASF SE, The Dow Chemical Company, Trinseo S.A, Bercen, Thermax Limited, Mayfair Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Raj Chemicals Ltd., OMNOVA Solutions Inc., Wires And Fabriks (S.A.) Ltd., Orient Packagings Ltd., Hansol Chemical, Celanese Corporation, and EcoSynthetix Inc.

Amongst these there are a few players that focus on major strategies that exhibit a flourishing opportunity for them. For instance, OMNOVA Solutions acquired a producer of binders and resins for the coatings industry as well as the construction and building industries. With this acquisition, the company works towards its aim to become a premier specialty solution provider on a global front.

Another player in the paper coating binders market, BASF SE, launched its new product VINOFAN, a vinyl acrylic latex binder in the paper coating binders market for the paper coating industry. The VINOFAN would be a an addition to the diverse additives and dispersions portfolio, which illustrates the companies continued commitment for meeting the needs and requirements of the customers and making advancements in the market for paper coating.

Thermax, another leading paper coating binders market player has registered significant developments in terms of business, which showcases the companies significant market presence. These developments and the related revenue growth is expected to boost the company’s business.

Classification of Paper Coating Binders Market for an Extensive Understanding of Key Market Segments

The paper coating binders market is segmented in accordance with the chemical and material type. Based on the type of chemical, the paper coating binders market is segmented into acetate coating binders, styrene-acrylate binders, acrylic binders, styrene-butadiene binders, and others. According to the material type, the paper coating binders market can be segmented into petroleum-based paper coating binders and bio-based paper coating binders.

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