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Gasifiers Market: Introduction

Gasifiers are chemical reactors which are used for the production of heat for internal combustion engines. The ability of gasifiers to produce higher temperatures compared to other conventional methods is a key advantage offered by them. In addition, gasifiers are used in forestry and agro-based industries as well as for supply of power to remote areas. The process of gasification involves conversion of biomass (plant material) and coal into fuel or synthetic gas (syngas) for a wide range of applications such as powering vehicles and heating homes. The conversion of plant material into energy takes place inside a biomass gasifier. Gasifiers are designed in accordance with biomass characteristics such as density, moisture, dust, and tar content .

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Global Gasifiers Market: Overview

In terms of type, the gasifiers market has been segmented into entrained flow gasifiers, moving/fixed bed gasifiers, fluidized bed gasifiers, and others. Entrained flow gasifier (EFG) is the leading type segment of the market. Entrained flow gasifiers are used widely for various carbonaceous feeds ranging from lignite to pet coke. This is fueling the gasifiers market. EFGs can handle practically any coal feedstock and produce clean, tar-free syngas. High temperatures are employed during the EFG operation; a very little tar or hydrocarbon is generated; and the product gas has non-detectable limits of contaminants such as H2S and particulate. In terms of feedstock type, the gasifiers market has been divided into coal feedstock, natural gas feedstock, petroleum feedstock, and biomass/waste feedstock. Based on application, the global gasification market has been classified into chemicals, liquid fuels, power, and gas fuels.

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Global Gasifiers Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global gasifiers market include Air Liquide, CB&I, General Electric, KBR Inc., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Royal Dutch Shell plc, Sedin Engineering Company Limited., Siemens Ltd., and Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.


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