Esterified Vitamins Market to Witness a Healthy Y-o-Y Growth during 2018 – 2028

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Esterified vitamins are prepared by converting the phenol group of vitamins into esters by using either acetic acid or succinic acid. Esterified vitamins are more stable and have a better shelf-life, owing to which they can be stored for a longer period as compared to natural forms of vitamins. Esterified vitamins support healthy immune functioning, help in iron absorption and provide several other health benefits, owing to which they have applications in nutraceuticals and other healthcare industries.

The Demand for Esterified Vitamins in the Nutraceutical Industry

Consumer consciousness about health and lifestyle is one of the major factors that is likely to boost the market for esterified vitamins. There has been an increase in the dietary supplement market as consumers are adopting new habits with the sole purpose of improving their health. Consumers prefer to use dietary supplements that provide health benefits and are obtained from plant-based sources. Hence, they are focusing on the development of esterified vitamins that are 100% vegetarian, have antioxidant properties, high absorption, etc., as per the requirements of consumers, and this is likely to boost the esterified vitamins market.

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Esterified vitamins have powerful antioxidant properties, owing to which they can help prevent the damage of the body from free radicals. The antioxidant properties of these vitamins also helps improve immunity and reduces the risk of infection. These benefits of esterified vitamins are expected to attract health-conscious consumers, which is likely to boost the esterified vitamins market. Moreover, esterified vitamins are more effective than conventional vitamins as they have high absorption efficiency and do not cause acidity, which is expected to boost the preference of esterified vitamins among consumers and contribute to market growth.

As the dietary supplement market is expanding, several types of dietary supplements are available to consumers. Consumers prefer to use dietary supplements that are cost-effective, provide more health benefits, are easy to consume, etc., owing to which the manufacturers of esterified vitamins will have to continuously introduce variations in their products, which is likely to act as a restraint for the growth of the esterified vitamin market. Moreover, lack of awareness about the benefits of esterified vitamins is another factor that is likely to have a negative impact on the esterified vitamins market. Due to an increase in competition, several companies have started providing dietary supplements that are organic, non-GMO, etc., which is also expected to hamper the esterified vitamins market.

Global Esterified Vitamins Market: Segmentation:

Esterified vitamins market segmentation on the basis of the end use:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Others

Esterified vitamins market segmentation on the basis of the distribution channel:

  • Online retail
  • Supermarkets
  • Others (e.g. specialty stores, etc.)

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Global Esterified Vitamins Market: Key Players

Some of the key market players of the esterified vitamins market are Natures Plus, Vitae Naturals, Thompson’s and Natrol Vitamins & Supplements.


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