E-Commerce Logistics Market to Rise at 20.6% CAGR Due to Increasing Cross-Border E-Commerce Activities

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E-commerce has transcended its fundamental nature to become an integral area of business today while spanning across a plethora of industries. The e-commerce industry has gained global recognition because of the spurring demand for e-commerce in a multitude of B2B and C2C exchanges.

It has torn regional boundaries to connect various business entities from different geographical pockets, and hence, the global market for e-commerce logistics is expected to escalate over the coming years. Moreover, the growth of e-commerce is not just beneficial for players within the industry but will also thrust the development of external companies.

The global e-commerce logistics market is broadly categorized into two groups which provide a spectrum to analyze its distinctive characteristics. The first group of segments is based on the type of service provided by e-commerce logistics channels and the second rests on operational area.

E-commerce is gradually becoming a platform for various companies to tangibly launch their businesses and reap the benefits of global reach. A massive number of startups have been launched in countries such as India, Brazil, and Mexico, which is driving the global market for e-commerce logistics. Moreover, the increased focus on connectivity and an estimated influx of drone delivery systems could further uplift the market.

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The e-commerce logistics market is severely hampered by unethical buying practices resorted by consumers. A number of buyers often purchase additional products to gain the advantage of free delivery or other perks, and later return the products quoting unmatched standards. There are other discrepancies of arrangements within e-commerce distribution channels which pose a threat to the market. Infrastructural penury is amongst other factors that are hindering the affluent growth of the market.

The inhibitions in the market could be outnumbered by the magnitude of opportunities that have bloomed in the global business for e-commerce logistics.

The growing population in Asia Pacific providing multibillion-dollar growth prospects is a significant plus on the e-commerce landscape. Besides this, the sellers are now seeing a trend of increased faith in their distribution channels exhibited by consumers. Several companies are now taking measures to bring down operational costs, which is an optimistic sign for the market.


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