Companies in the Global FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) Market Resorting to Product Innvoation to Stay Ahead in the Game

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FACTS (Flexible alternating current transmission system) comprises of static components which are used for the AC transmission of electrical energy. It finds its application for increasing the flexibility, controllability and power transfer ability of a power transmission network. The global FACTS market can be broadly divided into three compensation types namely shunt connected, shunt, series and combined series. Shunt connected and combined series compensation consists of Interline Power Flow controller and Unified Power Flow Controller. Series compensation comprises of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor and Fixed Series Capacitor. The shunt compensation consists of two devices namely Static Synchronous Compensator and Static Var Compensator.

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Rising requirement of superior quality high power and high network consistency for applications such as steel industry, electric utilities and mining is expected to drive the FACTS market. The Northeast blackout incidence (2003) in North America offered the need for methods such as FACTS for power and voltage control in order to avoid power failures and blackouts. In addition, replacement and upgradation of power infrastructure in urbanized regions such as Europe and America and the power capacity addition in developing economies such as Asia Pacific is also expected to play a crucial role in the growth of this market. Furthermore, the growing combination of renewable energy sources such as wind power in power grids is expected to surge the Flexible alternating current transmission system demand over the forecast period.

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Europe and North America constitute the largest market share of global Flexible alternating current transmission system market. RoW and Asia-Pacific are expected to be the promising markets with a remarkable growth potential over the forecast period. Some of the key players of FACTS market include Alstom from France, Toshiba from Japan, Mitsubishi Electric from Japan, ABB from Switzerland, American Superconductor Corporation and General Electric from the U.S and Siemens from Germany among others.

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