Caustic Sulphite Caramel Market Driven by Food and Beverage Industry

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Caramel is a form of carbohydrate that is formed by the process known as caramelization.  Caramel is extensively used as a coloring agent in the food additives. Caramel is available in four different forms namely plain caramel, caustic sulfite caramel, ammonia caramel and ammonia-sulfite caramel. Caramel provides a broad spectrum of stable colors to the food ranging from light yellow to dark brown depending upon the type of caramel used. Caustic sulfite caramel is the type II caramel prepared by controlled heating of carbohydrates with compounds containing sulfites without the involvement of ammonium compounds. The catalyst used in the preparation of caustic sulfite caramels are bisulphites of potassium, ammonium, and sodium along with sulphuric acids and sulphite can also be used.

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Caustic sulfite caramel finds extensive use in brewery, food and beverages industries, pharmaceutical flavoring extracts among others. Being commercially available as sweetener comprising of sucrose, fructose, and glucose along with nutritive content, it is extensively used as a sweetener and coloring agent along with emulsifier.

Food and beverage industry is under continuous product innovation due to which applicability of single ingredient has been found in various products. Food decorative ingredient has been an emerging trend in food and beverage industry. Caustic sulfite caramel being stable hence, extensively used in alcoholic beverages especially such as cognac and sherry among others.  caramel. Caustic sulfite caramel has a negative ion charge and finds comprehensive use in the production of tea, brandy and other forms of distilled liquors along with vegetable extracts. Therefore, the broad spectrum of application of caustic sulfite caramel in various industries accounts for the robust growth of its market.

However, caustic sulfite caramel may also result in certain health adverse effects such as allergic reactions and are not suitable for consumers suffering from gluten intolerance, thereby hindering the growth of caustic sulfite caramel market. Also, caustic sulfite caramel provides narrow spectrum of applicability as compared to other variants of caramel.

North America accounts for the largest share of caustic sulfite caramel market as demand for food decorative components has increased over recent times. Asia Pacific and Middle East region projects opportunistic markets for the growth of caustic sulfite caramel market as there has been increased investment made by food and beverages manufacturers in indigenous food ingredients. Europe also holds a significant share of caustic sulfite caramel market due to rise in demand for usage of natural and stable colors in food products.

Some of the key players identified in caustic sulfite caramel market include:

  • Sensient Technologies Corporation
  • D. Williamson & Co., Inc.
  • Sethness Caramel Color
  • Aarkay Food Products Ltd.
  • Goteborgsfood Budapest Ltd.
  • Nigay SAS
  • Metarom A.s.
  • Bakels Worldwide

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