Automotive Supercharger Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2017 to 2027 – Future Market Insights

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Shifting focus of manufacturers from turbochargers to superchargers utilizing more advanced technologies owing to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations, higher vehicle performance which could herald new era of downsized engines are anticipated to be the responsible factors for automotive supercharger market growth over the forecast period. From the first actually tested engine supercharger in 1878 to first series produced cars Mercedes 6/25/40 hp and 10/40/65 hp in 1921, superchargers were used to increase the power output of an engine through allowing more fuel to be burned and more work per cycle. Power for the unit can be mechanically generated by a gear, belt, chain, or shaft connected to engine’s aircraft to enhance volumetric efficiency and to withstand higher forces. Positive displacement and dynamic compressors are the two major type of superchargers in use by method of compression, where former delivering constant pressure increase at all engine speeds, while the latter delivers increasing pressure with increasing speed. Centrifugal superchargers being more efficient (70 – 85%) than positive displacement pumps are more in demand and popular. Twin charging technique which is a combination of engine – driven supercharger and exhaust – driven turbocharger can mitigate the weaknesses of other techniques to increase power and efficiency of an engine. Increase in thermal load on engine parts and tendency to burn piston crown, edges, and seat of exhaust valves due to increased heat transfer and generation are some of the challenges faced by automotive superchargers.

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Automotive Supercharger Market: Dynamics:

Factors such as ability to reach full-boost pressure instantaneously and better throttle response are estimated to enhance the growth of global automotive supercharger market during the forecast period. Furthermore, increase in engine’s power output without increasing fuel consumption, and increase in automotive production is further expected to fuel the growth of automotive supercharger market over the next decade. Moreover, popularity of turbochargers than superchargers among auto manufacturers are projected to hamper the automotive supercharger market owing to better power and efficiency of turbochargers. This is due to the fact that unlike superchargers, turbochargers use kinetic and potential energy of exhaust gases to drive the compressor, and not placing any direct mechanical load on the engine. However, principal disadvantages of turbochargers such as inefficiencies of turbine versus direct – drive, heat soak of the intake air, and back pressure are completely eliminated in supercharging technique which is anticipated to enhance the automotive supercharger market growth.

Automotive Supercharger Market: Segmentation:

Global automotive supercharger market can be segmented into product type, vehicle type, and by sales channel.

On the basis of product type, global automotive supercharger market is segmented into:

  • Centrifugal superchargers
  • Positive displacement pumps

On the basis of vehicle type, global automotive supercharger market is segmented into:

  • Passenger Car
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle

On the basis of sales channel, global automotive supercharger market is segmented into:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Aftermarket

Automotive Supercharger Market: Region – wise Outlook:

Asia Pacific Excluding Japan is expected to show significant growth in automotive supercharger market over the forecast period due to increasing automotive industry in China and India with various government regulations. Other than this, North America automotive supercharger market is expected to dominate the other regions due to stringent environmental regulations laid by the government to reduce emissions, etc. Western Europe is also expected to show considerable growth over the forecast period owing to large automotive industry in Germany, Italy and other European countries. Japan is expected to show stagnant growth in automotive supercharger market over the forecast period. Middle East & Africa and Latin America are expected to show high growth owing to strong demand for cars and heavy duties in the region which will further enhance the growth of global automotive supercharger market during the forecast period.

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Automotive Supercharger Market: Market Participants:

Some of the market participants in the global automotive supercharger market are:

  • Eaton
  • Edelbrock, LLC
  • Rotrex
  • Paxton Automotive
  • The Blower Shop
  • ProCharger
  • RIPP Superchargers.
  • Vortech Engineering, Inc.

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